One day, When i was playing Undertale™. I got to the sans fight, I couldn't beat him, Until the 513th try. When i beat him, The way he died was sad. Not like the undyne the undying fight. I stoped playing the game after i beat sans. 2 months later however, i started up the game and... It wasn't the way it was before, It was all dark red, But, The text was plain red. and it looked like it was all sharpened... I figured, "Maybe it's a Glitch." But no. The save file sayed. "Why?" I never had my save file named why? I thought, "Maybe its just the start up screen that was screwed up." So i started up the save file... I was already in battle, But... It had no heart, And it had no battle box. It had music playing, But. It didn't sound like megalovania... It sounded scary, Then sans showed up, But, He didn't look like the sans from 2 months ago... He was Dark red and he had blood coming from his eyes mouth and shirt. He said, "Why?" I was confused... Was he talking to me? Next he said, "Why did you kill me?" Its like he remembers... Next he said, "Don't you remember?" And i do, But. How does he know that... Then it showed me killing sans. yes my name was x... Then it showed his death... I heard him turn into dust. Then he said "See." And i nodded, Then his voice got deeper and he said, "Oh." I was scared. Then his voice got even deeper and said, "I'm not done." Then i was terrified, Then the voice got deeper and he paused, "..." And half of the voice turned into the epic text sound from the final fight with asreil dremmurr... Then he said, "DIE!" Then he came out of my computer screen and then... He killed me.

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