It Was A Nice Sunny Day When I Decided To Go And Play Some TF2 And It Was Playing Normally Until I Saw A Bright Figure In The Tunnels Of 2Fort I Thought Nothing Of It So I Began To Tell My Friend About It He Also Thought Nothing Of It So I Went To Play It Again But Something Just Didn't Feel Right I Thought It Was Gonna Be Fine But I Was So Wrong I Saw The Same Figure But I Could See It More Clearer It Looked As The Eyes Were... Nothing But Pitch Black Its Face Looking Nothing Like I Have Never Seen Before I Said Heh Probably A Graphic Glitch But I Was Wrong So I Rebooted My Computer Then I Booted TF2 And My PC Got A BSOD/Blue Screen Of Death So I Said To Myself Ok This Is Weird I Booted Up My PC Again For The 2nd Time so I Looked At The Time At The Bottom Right It Was 10:01 1 Minute Past My Bedtime but Before I Went To Bed I looked At My Recent Players List I Saw A Guy Named *Nice Open Windows Here* Then I Remembered That Forgot To Close The Windows This Morning So I Closed The Windows When I Came Back The Guy Was Renamed To I'm Inside Your House So I Looked Around My House I Saw Nothing So I Thought The Was A Prank By The Guy Heh Heh But How Did He Know I Was Checking the Page Huh Weird Must have been Right Timing so My Friend Called Me On Steam He Said Come Over For A Surprise I Said Ok...... Then He Just* Uhh Writing This Story Is Hard *Sigh* Ok  Back To The Story *Then He Just Disconnected From The Voice Chat Then A Sound Came From My PC Saying I'll Be Seeing You So I Just Ran To My Car And Drove To My Friends House. Soon As I Got There I Told Him The Story He Just Bursted Out Laughing Saying *You Just Told The Most Fake Story I Have Ever Heard HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!* So I Had No Choice But To Bring Him To My House When He Did Come Over I Said Now Look As I Show You That Its Real And Then My Computer Wont Boot Up That's Weird Then My Friend Stabs Me In The Back And Then.. The Next Thing I Saw Was Me In The Hospital Then It Has Never Happened Ever Since The End

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