It started on july 8th 2016. I was playing tf2, Playing some casual like everybody else, When all of this sudden, Someone joined the server, They had no name but it still said it joined, I was caping the point when it headshots me, I was fine with it then, And then it headshots me again, And he kept headshoting me over and over again, It seemed it was only going for me, Then i started to get pissed and said in voicechat, "Stop killing me," And then he backstabs me, And none of my team is paying attention to it, So then i check the scoreboard and no one is there but me and it. Then i start getting freaked out. If me and it are the only ones in the server, Then who are those other classes. It Types to me, "You will die here" My heart is pounding at that point, I decide to quit and watch tv, Then i get a phone call. It has no name, Then i answer it, And then some demonic sounds play through the phone, Then at the end of the call it says in a deep demonic voice. "You will die here" Then the call stops. Suddenly the tv shuts off and my computer boots up, Then it plays static for a minute, Then a shadowy figure crawls out of my computer monitor and tries to kill me. Then it loses it's grip and falls back into the monitor, It still haunts me to this day, I'm always at my monitor with a rifle, Ready to shoot it...

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